Afonso de Mori

Software developer • Madrid, Spain • +34 602 443 854 • [email protected]

Back-end web developer since 2009, PHP specialist; Great knowledge in the DevOps area and great passion about process automation; Experienced with continuous delivery, agile methodologies, front-end languages, and infrastructure; Striving to inspire and evolve my team continuously.


Senior Developer

Bitban Technologies S.L.

January 2021 – Present (2 yrs 1 mo) | Remote, Spain

  • Evolution of bCube Publisher, Bitban's proprietary Content Management System (CMS);
  • Development of REST APIs and libraries in PHP 7 and 8 and using Symfony 5 components;
  • Stack: PHP, Symfony, MySQL/ORM, Solr, Docker/Minikube, git/Gitlab.

Software Engineer

atSistemas S.A.

January 2020 – December 2020 (1 yr) | Madrid, Spain

Client: Bitban Technologies S.L.
After the first 12 months, I was hired by Bitban.

Senior Developer

014 Media S.L.

January 2019 – January 2020 (1 yr) | Madrid, Spain

  • Analysis, design and development of projects in PHP/Symfony and MariaDB/Doctrine;
  • Other roles included implementation of SCRUM in project management, server configuration, development of the team (training and guidance), and personnel selection.

Senior Developer

InterMundial XXI S.L.

June 2018 – December 2019 (6 mos) | Madrid, Spain

  • Planning and migration of applications to the cloud with the infrastructure team, configuration of web servers and separation of environments (testing/staging/prod);
  • Designed and developed from scratch a framework in bash script for compilation and deployment of projects;
  • Development of REST API in PHP and MariaDB for integration with customers and suppliers;
  • Training of the team in the use of git and improvement of the development flow with git-flow.

Sabbatical Period

July 2016 – June 2018 (2 yrs) | USA, Brazil and Spain

  • Winter English course at Florida International University - FIU (USA);
  • One year teaching English (trainee) at "Nove de Julho" University - UNINOVE (Brazil);
  • Four-week Spanish course at Enforex Idiomas (Spain);
  • Three months dedicated to update my knowledge as a programmer, to return to the labor market.
Full resume with all my work experience since 2005 available here.


  • Back-end: PHP, Symfony; MySQL, Doctrine.
  • Front-end: HTML; CSS, Less; JavaScript, jQuery; Bootstrap.
  • Search engines: Elasticsearch, Solr.
  • Infrastructure: Bash; Linux servers (Ubuntu/CentOS); Puppet; Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Web servers: Nginx, Apache.
  • Other skills: Git; Jenkins; Scrum; Kanban; Continuous Integration; Java/Android.


Tags: api backend devops frontend git linux java



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