Afonso de Mori

Software developer • Madrid, Spain • +34 602 443 854 • [email protected]

Back-end web developer since 2009, PHP specialist; Great knowledge in the DevOps area and great passion about process automation; Experienced with continuous delivery, agile methodologies, front-end languages, and infrastructure; Striving to inspire and evolve my team continuously.


Senior Developer

014 Media S.L.
  • Analysis, design and development of projects in PHP/Symfony;
  • Server configuration and continuous deployment (Plesk);
  • Important role in the continuous development of the team (training, orientation) and personnel selection;
  • Implementation of SCRUM in the project management.

Senior Developer

InterMundial XXI S.L.
  • Highlight
    • I have worked directly with the infrastructure team for planning and migration of systems to the cloud, configuration of web servers (apache configuration, directory structure, separation of test/production environments, ...) and then I have developed from scratch a framework in bash script for compilation and deployment of projects.
  • Other duties
    • Development of API in PHP and Oracle DB for integration with customers and suppliers;
    • Training of the team in the use of git and improvement of the development flow with git-flow;
    • Improvements in processes and security of CentOS.

PHP Programmer

Digipix Gráfica Digital S/A
  • Main role
    • With the acquisition of Zocprint by Digipix Group, I have been in charge of maintaining the functionalities of Zocprint, the development of REST APIs for integration between back office systems, and responsible for training Digipix's infrastructure team on the technologies used by Zocprint.
  • Other duties
    • Maintenance of the e-commerce system in Symfony/PHP and Doctrine/MySQL, and maintenance of and the online WYSIWYG editor for product customization in JavaScript/jQuery;
    • Version control and software deployment;
    • Infrastructure and Amazon Web Services.

Senior Developer

Zocprint - Rocket Internet SE
  • E-commerce development using Symfony/PHP and Doctrine/MySQL;
  • Interact with Solr, Redis, Memcached and Rabbitmq;
  • Front-end development using JavaScript;
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins.

PHP Programmer

"São Camilo - ES" University Center
  • Analysis and development of web systems using PHP and MySQL;
  • Responsible for all stages of the life-cycle of online systems (from analysis, designing databases, system architecture, user support and maintenance);
  • Content management systems, online subscriptions, scheduling, and hotsites for internal events.


  • Back-end: PHP, Symfony; MySQL, Doctrine.
  • Front-end: HTML; CSS, Less; JavaScript, jQuery; Bootstrap.
  • Search engines: Elasticsearch, Solr.
  • Infrastructure: Bash; Linux servers (Ubuntu/CentOS); Puppet; Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Web servers: Nginx, Apache.
  • Other skills: Git; Jenkins; Scrum; Kanban; Continuous Integration; Java/Android.




[email protected]


+34 602 443 854