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Afonso de Mori Ayres da Silva


Web Developer and System Analyst at Digipix S/A since May 2015. I work on creating and adapting web applications since 2008, since the requirements analysis, code implementation and maintenance, until customer support.


Experienced with user support via chat and phone; I also worked for about two years as a Computer Trainer; plus provide training to users on blogs and social media platforms.

Latest from is the place where I gather my last web development learnings and experiments :-) - Webapp for personal financial management. This app was developed just for personal use, but is currently being improved and I hope launching it soon. - A web crawler to populate a database with all text URLs found and provide data to learn search platforms, which is the focus of this project. - A simple redirect domain for short URLs. In the near future, it will be possible to short URLs right from home page.

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